Bar work organization

ISMA Training Centre Bar work organization courses
The course consists 6 classes.

The price includes drinks’ degustation

Ilgums: 3 astronomical hours
Sākums: february – may, at 15:30
Maksa: Tuition fee: 160,00 EUR; with Bestimulated Application – only 120,00 EUR
Vadītājs: Ivars Rutkovskis, bartender, manager of the entertaining company “Martandi”
1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 7, room 104, Riga
+371 26308820
Info:; +371 67100602

After mastering the programme students receive ISMA Certificate.

The course consists 6 classes:
1. Main principles of bar work organisation
2. Types of alcoholic beverages and their serving
3. Basics of wine culture
4. Types of cocktails and their preparation
5. Flair technique demonstration
6. Hot beverages preparation