Annual International conference Internship & employment

ISMA University organizes annual international conference "Internship and Employment 2017", which will be held on November 24 at 10:00, ISMA, 1 Lomonosova Str., bld. 7, room 314.

The conference is aimed at students and last year pupils who will be able to learn more about internship and employment opportunities in Latvia and abroad. Representatives from different sectors and companies will share their experience; provide practical advice and information on employment and placement opportunities.

This year we have changed the format of the conference to make it more productive and effective with a new, audience-based approach. The conference will be divided into three parts: plenary sessions, company seminars/presentations, meetings with partners.

At the Plenary session, we will listen to valuable advice from the Riga City Council; and other speakers, as well as students' representatives will share their experience. Company seminars/presentations will be organized in parallel, in small groups, in order to reach the target audience exactly with the information on the internship and work opportunities that it is most interested in. Participation in seminars will only be possible after prior registration. If participant is interested in receiving information from various companies, such opportunities will exist as well after the end of the seminars during the meetings with partners, which is the third part of the conference.

Conference languages: Latvian and English.

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