The 12th International Conference Open Learning and Distance Education 2014


Main topics of the Conference

    Open Learning
  • e-Learning Quality and Certification
  • Correspondence e-Learning
    Distance Education
  • Distance Learning and Teaching
  • Trends in Wireless technologies e-Learning
  • Virtual e-Laboratories
  • e-Tests and e-Control
  • e-Study Portals
    Lifelong Learning
  • Module Professional Education
    Creative Thinking in e-Education
  • Effective and Efficient Learning and Teaching
  • Effective e-learning Pedagogy
  • Creating Interactive and Collaborative E-Learning Environments
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Tutoring softwares
  • Interactive tutoring systems
  • Interactive testing systems
  • Multi-media Systems in e-Education
    Subject problems in e-Learning and e-Teaching
  • Languages Learning and Teaching
  • Information and Computer Technologies Education
  • Problem-oriented Computer Modelling
  • Mathematical e-Education
  • Natural Sciences: e-Labs, e-Tests, e-Guidance
  • Professionally-oriented e-Education
  • Economics, Management and Marketing in e-Education
    Human, law and cultural aspects of e-Education
  • Author law in e-Education Technologies
  • EU Enlargement Process and e-Learning Role
  • E-Learning as a Tool for Social Change
  • Outsourcing of e-learning, Training Analytics and Measuring Return on Investment
  • Interoperability, Standardisation, Learning Objects and Metadata as well as e-Portfolios and Content Portals
  • e-Education Management