ERASMUS+ once more!

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Traineeship and exchange Erasmus+ Program give a unique opportunity to broaden your horizon, become multicultural, to share your own experience with other people and gain more from them, and helps become more mature.

During my whole students’ life, I chose Erasmus+ twice: my first experience was traineeship in Spain. Also, I spent adorable and unforgettable time visiting historical places, museums as Salvador Dali. In Spain I could improve my skills in tourism sphere, furthermore, as a student of Business Administration it has already created fundament for my future career. The second time I decided to use Erasmus+ for studying purposes and the route was the capital city of Czech Republic-Prague. 

I can say, the one semester in Prague was the best part of my 4 years student life. This is the greatest chance to get knowledge from foreign professors, to meet friends from different countries and to learn a lot of about different cultures. 

Each day was like an adventure full of new feeling and interesting moments. I really liked my university, where teachers’ practical extraordinary methods of teaching. For instance, lectures of Intercultural management and Critical thinking were not like standard ones, it based on discussion we talked on global international problems, listen to everyone’s opinion and evaluate answers for conclusion and results. 

A chance to use opportunities of Erasmus+ was given to each student, which helps not only studying but also had great influence on daily life. Try, study, travel and do not afraid of exciting life moments.

Bibinur Kozhakhmetova