Hard work and amazing experience

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Name: Kristina Prošina
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Female
Sending university: ISMA
Country of Practice Mobility: Spain
Name of institution/enterprise/company of my practice: Rosamar Maritim**** (Pau Casals, 1, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain)
Field of practice: Restaurant Department
Duration of practice period: 15.04. - 14.06.2017

I chose to participate in Erasmus+ placement mobility because I thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to get to know other country, its culture, while also getting work experience.

Talking about the experience with, first of all, sending institution, which in my case was ISMA, I can say that everything was great, if I had difficulties with some documents that needed to be done for this internship, I got all the necessary, useful information really fast, so in general they were very helpful. And, secondly, with the receiving organization, everything went really well as well, before I came to Spain, I had some questions about the transport I had to take to the place I needed to go to, about the accommodation etc, but people who I contacted were very responsive and no matter how many questions I asked them, they were always there to explain me everything in details. Even during the internship both the sending and receiving organizations were checking on me, asking if everything was alright, which, of course, was really nice.

Undoubtedly, the professional benefit of this mobility was the experience, you learn so much without even realizing it sometimes, even from small things, you learn how to work in a team, you improve your communication skills, get a lot of work experience, which you can always find useful in the future, you train and improve your knowledge of foreign languages, which I noticed so much, because you have to use them on every day basis. But personal benefits are enormous as well, first of all, the people you meet there, your colleagues who in the course of time become your friends, who help you, support you, who you truly love to spend time with, secondly, it’s just traditions and culture of the country, which you get to know and get the taste of while you are there, it surprised me how quickly I fell in love with the whole atmosphere of the town I did my internship in, with people I met there, places that so quickly became favourite, it’s amazing how the place you’ve never been before, can become your home so fast.

Honestly saying, it’s hard to point out my brightest impressions, because every day was simply amazing just being in that place, it felt so good to be able to wake up every morning and even going to work see the beautiful scenery of the beach, palm trees, sun, everything, it’s like being in paradise, the possibility to go to the gorgeous towns that are nearby during your day off with friends you made there, it’s an incredible feeling, even during work, it was interesting to meet clients from different countries, to talk to them, because I was lucky to have great experience with the clients who all were very nice, who liked to joke, to just come to you and talk, all of this make bright impressions.

Well, one of the advices I can give to the students who also want to do internship, I can say that you should be ready to work hard, it can seem pretty difficult when you start, but once you understand your duties and do your best, you will be able to even enjoy it and get a great experience.