Coral Travel opened the world of Spain for me!

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Name: Kristina Li
Age: 22 y.o.
Gender: Female
Sending university: ISMA
Country of Practice Mobility: Spain
Name of institution/enterprise/company of my practice: Coral Travel. Estival Park. Spain, Costa Dorada
Field of practice: Animation
Duration of practice period: 11.05. - 28.09.

I chose to participate in Erasmus+ placement mobility, because I really like to travel and meet new people, traditions and customs. 

Thanks to ISMA appeared an excellent opportunity to explore, practice the language of another country and meet a lot of new interesting people. Our coordinator of ERASMUS in ISMA really helped me, if I had any difficulty with the documents and in the shortest possible time.

Coral Travel Company with which the ISMA cooperate gave me a good opportunity to work in the tourism sector and with children. This practice was only joy for me because I really love spending time with children. This company provided me fly there and back, accommodation during internship period and meals 3 times a day.

Thanks to this job, I met many wonderful people, gained a lot of experience working with children and in a hotel, began to learn another foreign language for me - Spanish, pulled up my English.

I can say one thing about Spain - this is the country in which I want to live in the future. With Coral Travel I travelled around the cities of this wonderful country. And each city was different and left some special impressions.

In the future I would be happy to advise other students to use the Erasmus program. With a coordinator like ours at ISMA. But you must be ready to work! If you fulfil your contractual obligations, you will only receive pleasures during this period. for me it was the first experience and I can say with confidence that I will definitely go again.