ERASMUS+ helping to improve skills

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Name and surname: Qamar Mushtaque
Age: 30 years old
Gender: Male
Name of the Sending university: ISMA University, Riga, Latvia
Country of Practice Mobility: Spain
Name of institution/enterprise/company of your practice: Hotel Mediterraneo Park, Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Spain
Field of practice: Food and Beverages
Duration of the practice period: 2 months

I selected Erasmus+ mobility program to explore different practical experience, culture and tradionally values in other country during my studies so that I could create adaptability with different environment in my personality to achieve my future goals. My all experiences were very grateful related to my university and host company before sending to that company and during my practice as well. They were very cooperative regarding sharing information, learning techniques and completing my all documents which I needed at the end of practice.

During this practice I learned a lot of professional things which I can say very confidently that would be really fruitful for my professional career, Due to four star hotel we had more than one thousand guests every day so it was enough to say that how to manage time, how to manage guests and how to provide best services in a shorter time. Now, I can say that I have built good interpersonal skills after completing that practice. Erasmus plus mobility also gave me scholarship during my practice which was enough to live and enjoy time there.

I would like to suggest all ISMA students who are planning to study abroad they should avail the Erasmus+ mobility opportunity. Because, this opportunity give you different experiences towards culture, traditions, languages and interaction with different nationalities during your studies or internships. One of big advantage is that Erasmus+ mobility also provides financial subsistence which you can use during your stay abroad with confident mind.