I recommend Erasmus+ mobility program

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Hi! My name is Devid Hrudnytskyi, I’m 20 years old. I’ve decided to apply on Erasmus+ placement mobility because I was looking for new professional experience and possibility to improve my language skills. Furthermore, Erasmus+ is famous for good treatment of international students and high quality of educational service. 

Currently, I study business tourism at the ISMA and my final goal is to become the internationally recognized specialist in the field of tourism and hotel business. During my studies at the ISMA, I was fascinated by the opportunity to take a part in the international project of gargantuan scale. I had sufficient motivation and drive to succeed to successfully prepare to my first international interview. I managed to pass the interview, which was organized by Animafest and obtained quite competitive position at the Cala Gogo in Barcelona, Spain. I worked as a waiter and took my responsibilities extremely seriously. 

Working in Spain, I was especially impressed by the benevolence and kindness of my temporal employers and coworkers and all my brightest impressions are related to it. As the result of practice, I was able to improve my professional skills as well as command of English and Spanish.

I would like to say my sincere gratitude to Animafest for the very comfortable and properly organized admission platform with the following interview. Moreover, it’s important to emphasize the friendly working environment of the Cala Gogo and qualification of the local management. Additionally, I especially thank the ISMA for providing me with very solid theoretical background in the field of management and service.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the international programs of such kind are tremendously beneficial opportunity for students all over the world to developed their language proficiency as well as working skills and, simultaneously, get in touch with European culture. In this regard, I recommend Erasmus+ placement mobility for all students, who consider to take part in the international program without any reservation.