Economics & Education

About "Economics & Education"

Journal “Economics & Education” publishes actual information and modern researches in the corresponding fields.

The main aim of the journal is to popularize ideas of modern scientists, facilitate exchange of the most up-to-date information in the subject areas and stimulate scientific activities in order to solve modern society problems.

The journal is intended for people involved in science, teachers, students (including doctorate) and practitioners.

Publisher: ISMA University
Periods of issue: 2 times a year (May, November)
Language: English
Review: The article is accepted for publishing only after independent review; the reviewer is assigned by the chief editor

  • Innovations;
  • Management;
  • Finance;
  • Globalization;
  • Education;
  • Social Economics.

pISSN 2500-946X
eISSN 2592-8236

Editorial Board

Dr. oec., Assoc. Professor Deniss Djakons (LATVIA) - Chief Editor
Dr. oec., Professor Irina Kalenuk (UKRAINE) - Contributing Editor
Dr. oec. Antonina Djakona (LATVIA) - Executive Editor
Msc. Natalja Burlucka (LATVIA) - Technical Editor

Academician, Professor, Dr.oec. Marga Zivitere (LATVIA)
Academician, Professor, Romans Djakons (LATVIA)
Professor, Viktors Gopejenko (LATVIA)
As.professor, Dr.oec. Viktoriia Riaschenko (LATVIA)
Dr. oec. Jevgenija Dehtjare (LATVIA)
Dr. oec., Professor Olena Grishnova (UKRAINE)
Dr. oec., Professor Larisa Lisogor (UKRAINE)
Dr. oec., Professor Valerii L. Osetskyi (UKRAINE)
Dr. oec., Professor Oleg Kuklin (UKRAINE)
Professor, PhD Mircea Georgescu (ROMANIA)
PhD Irina Daniela Dăbuleanu (ROMANIA)
PhD Remigijus Kinderis (LITHUANIA)
Dr. oec., Professor Mariana Mateeva Petrova (BULGARIA)
Dr. oec. Sultanbek Tultabayev (KAZAKHSTAN)
Professor, PhD Andrey Dashkov (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
PhD, Assoc. Professor Vasiliy Mikhel (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Vladimir Shchegolev (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)