Music Management

Music Management

Денис Мельник

Director of the specialization:
Deniss Meļņiks, MBA
+371 29217800

  • Duration of studies: full time, 4 years
  • Awarded degree: Professional Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Qualification: manager in the sphere of culture

"Music Management" - the unique Bachelor study programme in Latvia which unites the basics of management and entrepreneurship with the show business sphere.

To prepare professionals for the work in such areas of show business as production, management of club events, concert and touring activities, event management, recording industry, public relations and working with mass media.The aim of the study programme
    The additional component of the programme is learning:
  • the basics of music;
  • playing music instruments (elective);
  • rhetoric techniques (acting techniques of emotional impact on the audience).

For the deeper understanding of the specifics of show business the programme includes such study disciplines as music history, basics of music theory, basics of composition, etc.

The programme most comprehensively synthesises the knowledge of the spheres of show business and music activity.

Upon mastering the study programme our graduates acquire the understanding of the basics of music, main principles of management, the knowledge of the specifics of show business and receives the opportunity to realise their talents in the most productive way.