Master’s Degree Study Programmes

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computer Systems

OdinokovaDirector of the study programme:
Doctor Ph.D. Tatjana Odinokova

  • Management of the company
  • Tourism management
  • Management of creative industries


2012 / 2019
2016 / 2017

The study program offers fundamental knowledge acquisition and teaches to apply them in specific practical business activity, enabling graduates to become competent and innovative entrepreneurs, employers and managers ready to operate in a rapidly changing environment in today's globalized world.
    Graduates of the program are prepared to adequately respond to the challenges of the external environment through:
  • Mastering the modern methodology of administration and management by applying international experience in this field;
  • Practicing the currently effective mechanisms, coordination and communication, which allows to identify the factors of growth and prosperity;
  • The formation of the systemic thinking in a changing business environment with reference to real life;
  • Acquiring strategic management skills while eliminating uncertainty caused by the large number of decision-makers;
  • Developing the ability to select and apply the innovative methodology and promising technologies of management, which have appeared recently and are using actively.
Viktors Gopejenko

Director of the study programme:, Profesors, Viktors Gopejenko

  • Duration of studies: 2 – 3 years
  • Awarded Degree: Master’s Degree in Computer Systems
  • Qualification: System Analyst
To train professional Masters in Computer Sciences on the basis of extended and comprehensive knowledge of computer systems and technologies with professional qualification System Analyst, who can work in various fields of manufacturing, technologies and science.Aim of the study programme
  • Enterprise Risk Management <-- NEW SPECIALISATION!
  • Administration and Safety of Computer Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Intellectual Teaching Systems
  • Applied Systems of Computer Modelling
  • Information Systems of Web Technologies
  • Calculation and Information Systems of Applied Electronics

The graduates are ready to work in entrepreneurship, to develop scientifically based management models, to design and create the necessary competitive software and computer information systems.


2013 / 2017