Master’s Degree Study Programmes

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computer Systems

Director of the study programme: Ieva Berzina

  • Duration of studies: 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years
  • Awarded degree: Professional Master of Business Administration
  • Business Administration in Tourism Management
  • Business Administration in Education Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Administration in Creative Industries Management


2016 / 2017

The study programme is implemented in cooperation with international partners.
To prepare competitive specialists – professionals of high qualification, who think innovatively and are able to establish and manage innovative and globally competitive companies, or to take leading positions at the already existing companies.Aim of the study programme
    Major objectives to achieve the aim of the study programme:
  • To provide students deep theoretical knowledge in the fields of economics, management and communication, ensuring competitive interdisciplinary and complex approach to the interpretation of the obtained results;
  • To develop students’ skills of scientific research work, providing an opportunity to participate in the national and international research projects;
  • To develop students’ skills of analytical innovative thinking, creativity and professional communication, to form creative personality of graduates, which contributes to their success at the Latvian and global labour markets, both in public and private sectors;
  • To prepare graduates for doctoral studies.
    Graduates of the study programme demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
  • ability to understand and analyse the processes taking place in the economic and social environment in Latvia and globally, the tendencies in the political and regional development of entrepreneurship, the trends and prospects of market development, competitive situation and possible actions of competitors;
  • ability to compare and contrast various theoretical and practical approaches to management, and to apply these approaches to the solution of economic and managerial problems;
  • ability to analyse and apply modern innovative theory, practice and political aspects with the aim to implement progressive solutions and methods in the work of a company and in the organization of production and management;
  • ability to manage a company, to plan and control its strategic development, to carry out and implement the policy of development and attraction of financial, labour and other resources, which are vital for a company’s operations;
  • ability to demonstrate understanding and ethical responsibility for possible impact of professional activity on the environment and society;
  • ability to understand the interests of stakeholders and to find a compromise in order to ensure the strategic development of a company; to dialogue and cooperation with employees, partners, owners and representatives of mass media, governmental and non-governmental institutions;
  • ability to perform independent research work applying the latest analytical research methodology, and to prepare reports and presentations on the ongoing research.
Viktors Gopejenko

Director of the study programme:, Profesors, Viktors Gopejenko

  • Duration of studies: 2 – 3 years
  • Awarded Degree: Master’s Degree in Computer Systems
  • Qualification: System Analyst
To train professional Masters in Computer Sciences on the basis of extended and comprehensive knowledge of computer systems and technologies with professional qualification System Analyst, who can work in various fields of manufacturing, technologies and science.Aim of the study programme
  • Enterprise Risk Management <-- NEW SPECIALISATION!
  • Administration and Safety of Computer Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Intellectual Teaching Systems
  • Applied Systems of Computer Modelling
  • Information Systems of Web Technologies
  • Calculation and Information Systems of Applied Electronics

The graduates are ready to work in entrepreneurship, to develop scientifically based management models, to design and create the necessary competitive software and computer information systems.


2013 / 2017