Short Cycle

1st level study programmes

  1. Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  2. Entrepreneurship in the Restaurant Business
  3. Finance and Banking
  4. Insurance
  5. Applied Information Technology
REAL ESTATEHaving mastered the study program, the student has all the necessary knowledge and qualification in order to run a real estate related business, which enables the graduates to organize, coordinate and manage the entrepreneurial activity of a business, as well as to provide business-related services to both State institutions and privately owned enterprises.

Duration of studies: 2 years
Qualification: House Manager

Stanislavs Miscenko

Director of the study programme:
Stanislavs Miscenko

Duration of studies: 2 years
Qualification: Organisation of Catering Services


The only programme of this level in the field of restaurant business in Latvia! The programme is designed for current and aspiring owners and managers of catering businesses. Lecturers – the practitioners of the best enterprises in the industry.

Specialists preparation, who are able to establish, develop and effectively operate an enterprise in the field of restaurant business.The aim of the study programme



    Unique opportunities:
  • To combine work with studies from anywhere in the world. Video training allows to master both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as to pass examinations and tests;
  • To receive internationally recognized certificates of professional development on the field of restaurant business;
  • Career Centre will help you with employment;
  • Career Centre will help you with employment;
  • Your professional experience can be recognized as the part of professional study practice;
  • Everyone interested can gain international experience and knowledge in catering industry through internship and student mobility programmes;
  • With the assistance of Business Incubator you can develop a business plan to improve operations of the existing enterprise or to set up a new business;
  • You can continue studies at the programme Restaurant and Club Business Management, starting with the 3rd year of studies.
    The study programme graduates:
  • are able to manage a catering enterprise, to plan, organise and control manufacturing and service processes;
  • know how to develop and implement customer oriented service culture standards, as well as to motivate the involved personnel to apply sales promotion techniques;
  • are able to perform accounting, control, and to prepare reports on the operations of a catering enterprise using advanced information technology, as well as to assess the obtained indicators and to perform necessary changes to business processes;
  • know how to develop and use cooking technological maps and to develop a self-control system of a catering enterprise (HACCP);
  • know how to describe the aims and operational plans of a catering enterprise and to implement them in compliance with the regulatory requirements establishing an enterprise in the field of restaurant business.
    Main study courses:
  • Catering Business Organisation
  • Service Standards and Regulations
  • Cooking Technology
  • Accounting and Control at Catering Enterprises
  • Catering Business Planning

FINANCE The program prepares specialists who are ready for the work in financial and accounting structural divisions, in public and private organizations, at enterprises and in credit institutions. The knowledge received during the studies allow to collect and process financial information, calculate and analyze financial performance and provide timely and complete company’s cash flow.

Duration of studies: 2 years
Qualification: Finance specialist


2016 / 2017

INSURANCE In the framework of this study program the students receive the knowledge of certain risks insurance, trend analysis of the insurance market, insurance product, processing of insurance documents, selecting the most advantageous insurance offer for a certain client.

Duration of studies: 2 years
Qualification: Insurance specialist


2016 / 2017

Igors Babics

Director of the study programme:
Igors Babics
+371 26015278

ITPreparing specialists in the field of computer disciplines, who are capable to apply various tools for the development and improvement of information technology: administration of computer network, software development for information technology and WEB-design.The aim of the programme

Main study courses: Algorithmization and Programming, Computer graphics, Computer Networks and Telecommunications, Computer Networks Architecture and Operating Systems, Data bases technologies, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Business english, Applied Communications, Mathematics, Software, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Safety Management

Duration of studies: 2 years.
Qualification: Specialist in information technologies.