Hotel reservation

“HOTELINCO” hotel reception desk system operator (receptionist)

Duration: 32 ac.h.
1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 7, Riga
+371 67114518

Hotelinco is a web-based hotel software solution specially designed for all types of small & media sized accommodation.

Based on the extensive IT knowledge and rich experiences in the hospitality sphere, "Hotelinco" was designed, having in mind the specific needs of small and mid-sized hotel business. As a complete hotel software solution, it has many useful features for managing one or more property units. It automates all front office operation areas efficiently including reservations, check-in, check-out, records and history of guests, invoicing, bill settlement, night audits, room availability, occupancy status, business reports, housekeeping and much more - it helps hoteliers generate new business, improve their staff's efficiency, and increase guest loyalty.

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