ISMA in Uzbekistan

ISMA in Uzbekistan

Ахмад аль-Фергани - один из крупнейших средневековых персидских учёных IX века, среднеазиатский астроном, математик и географ. Уроженец Ферганской долины. В Западной Европе был известен под латинизированным именем Alfraganus.

ISMA – the European higher educational institution, which has been functioning successfully since 1994 in Latvia – opened its branch in Uzbekistan in September 2018.

Now students have an opportunity to study and receive qualifications at the international level not only distantly or moving to Latvia for the time of studies but also at ISMA representative offices in Fergana in the premises of Fergana State University.

This incredible breakthrough in the field of higher education was made possible by the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromiyevich Mirziyoyev, made on September 26, 2018, # ПК-3952. Starting with 2018 the graduates who are awarded ISMA Diploma do not need any additional nostrifications (state recognition of a diploma issued in another country), which provides significant advantages during the study process and also later while applying for a job.

Fergana Branch Development Strategy

2019 - 2029