ISMA Business Incubator at “Latvijas Balzams”

ISMA business incubator has been operating for more than 5 years already. The Head of the business incubator – Viktorija Rjascenko – considers that it is supports the development of business ideas and projects, the establishing and successful promotion of own businesses. Specialists of various areas are invited at the events of business incubator. Business incubator is the first micro environment of a new business for the development of entrepreneurial skills and accumulation of knowledge and experience while consulting with the industry specialists. Here young entrepreneurs can be consulted on the matters of accounting, taxation and business plan development.

On February 28, 2019, in the framework of training activities of ISMA business incubator under supervision of Viktorija Rjascenko, who is the Dirctor of Bachelor study programme “Business Administration”, ISMA 3rd year students went on the excursion to the Latvian enterprise “Latvijas Balzams”. The excursion was guided by the Production Director Sergei Vjugin.

Students learnt much interesting about one of the oldest enterprises of Latvia, which was founded in 1900. Students got acquainted with the history of the enterprise, its traditions and unique recipes.

АО Latvijas Balzams – is the industry leader in the Baltic states, one of the biggest tax payers in the country, which provides more than 600 work places. Students learned how innovation is implemented to the manufacturing process and obtained practical knowledge in the sphere of strategic management, as well as traineeship opportunity.

Business incubator is planning to organize excursions for students; as such active involvement in the environment of start-ups makes it possible to significantly increase motivation for studying management and to see the real prospects of students’ professional future.

Olga Pala, 3rd year student

ISMA Business Incubator at Latvijas Balzams
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