Open Afternoons of the Information Centre for Newcomers

Venue: Lāčplēša Street 75 – 1B, Riga
Time: 4 December, from 16:00 to 20:00

This time the common theme of Open Afternoons of the Information Centre for Newcomers (ICN) is networking and inter-cultural relations, so that visitors can make mutual acquaintance, enjoy the inter-cultural environment and participate in various activities and games that promote inter-cultural relations, and receive useful information from our customer consultants and cooperation partnersGunta Viksne (Gunta Vīksne), Head of the Information Centre for Newcomers

Topics: The synergy between people of different nationalities and their cultures intertwined in a dance, the sound of tabla, drawings and inter-cultural cooperation games. We will have an opportunity to hear professional performances from Balraj, the master of musical instrument "Tabla" together with Natalie, the master of Indian traditional dances. Together we will try to make Turkish water paintings called Ebru, Mark Rothko paintings as well as Henna art. Nice conversations with the cup of coffee and tea will let us get to know each other and possibly make new cooperation. During the event an ICN customer consultant will provide free consultations.