Studies during the emergency period (UPDATED)

Dear students, due to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia about declaration the force majeure in the country because of COVID-19 virus spreading, from March 13 until April 14 all full-time students are moved to remote learning.

Study process is not interrupted, but changed to the more safety way, to the electronic form. 

ISMA is committed to organize an efficient study process.

Switching to the remote learning does not mean cancelling or changing the terms of payment of tuition fees in accordance with study agreement.

All administrative departments, including: Study Department, International Relations Department, Accounting Department will continue their normal work.

During next week, all full-time students will be switched to remote learning via MOODLE.

Within 5 working days, the ISMA Study Department will send instructions for entering the MOODLE system.
BUT, if within 5 working days you have not received information from the Study Department, you must immediately contact them: +371 67100549,

According to actual schedule, lecturers will record video lectures and place them in MOODLE.

Logging into MOODLE is being controlled and is considered equal to the attendance of the lectures for both students and teachers.


  • if you are not a Latvian citizen and have not logged into MOODLE for more than 5 days, ISMA is obliged to provide a report to The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs with further cancellation of the resident permit.

When connected to MOODLE, students, in order to receive the materials, must check their current schedule.
Within the upcoming week lecturers will get in touch with all the students via MOODLE and will inform the about the organization of studies in their particular course.
If you have any questions or you have not received any information connecting to MOODLE within 5 working days, you must contact ISMA Study Department: +371 67100549,

Each person leaving the territory of the Republic of Latvia is obliged to inform ISMA International Relations Department.
In case the student has arrived from a country that has been affected by COVID-19, he/she is obliged to remain on quarantine during the next 14 days and not attend the premises of ISMA.
In case of violation of above mentioned requirements ISMA reserves the right to contact the authorities in charge.


ISMA working hours for the quarantine period:
Monday – Saturday
10:00 – 18:00

ISMA Bank Details

VAT number: 40003607453
Address: Riga, 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 6, LV-1019

AS Luminor Bank SWIFT: Account No.:
RIKOLV2X LV47RIKO0002013005824 (EUR)
LV21RIKO0002030107004 (USD)
AS LPB Bank SWIFT: Account No.:
LAPBLV2X LV08LAPB0000136051373 (EUR)

Additional information to be indicated in the payment instructions

Application fee payments
Purpose of payment: Application fee, NAME, FAMILY NAME and DATE OF BIRTH of the applicant

Tuition fee payments
Purpose of payment: Tuition fee, NAME, FAMILY NAME, PERSONAL CODE of the student, YEAR OF THE STUDIES covered by the payment

Information about COVID-19 in English:
Information about COVID-19 in Latvian:
Information about COVID-19 in Russian:

For any questions about COVID-19, please, call Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, phone +371 67387661 (MD-FR, 8:30 - 17:00).

Emergency number 113 is ONLY for people who have visited countries affected by virus COVID-19.