Annual International Scientific ISMA Conference IT&M2020

The Conference is celebrating its 18th anniversary and this is the first time it takes place online.

We are very grateful to the organizing committee of ISMA Conference “IT&M”, to prof. V. Gopejenko - the Head of the scientific programme of the committee, and to IT and Marketing Departments for their great support, and of course to ISMA President Romans Djakons for encouraging us to hold this event online. 

Also, we would like to thank our partners, such as Fergana State University, Taras Schevchenko National University in Kyiv, Cherkasy State Business College, National University Poltava Yuri Kondratyk Polytechnic and many others. 

As you know, the whole planet struggles with pandemic situation right now and it will undoubtedly have incredible impact on every area of the global economy. However, crisis times are always challenging and those with potential will be able to transfer issues into benefits and establish new businesses, implement innovations, make traditional working processes more cost effective. 

Current situation proved the known theories of adaptability of humanity. We already see how fast many forms of entrepreneurship adapt to existing regulations. The great confirmation of that is the very fact that our conference is held online and we are meeting about 100 participants. 

Our participants are representatives of Latvia, Lithuania, USA, India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia and other countries. 

These times are calling for initiatives both in business and information, and it is our pleasure to receive the submitted articles on all of the offered topics of research. The main of the topics are computer modelling and information technologies, management information technologies (in tourism business also) and Superb organizations.