Attention! How to submit and format Final Thesis!

  1. The defense will continue from June 1st till June 13th both in present and online (if the study department is informed by you)
  2. Ready thesis, printed and in hard cover + PDF copy + references (from your scientific supervisor and from another teacher) should be submitted to the study department 10 days before the defense. (Is possible to agree in 3 days in an individual order with a supervisor and the study department) 
  3. Only SIGNED thesis is accepted (title pages also with a signature of a supervisor and acknowledgement)
  4. Title page 1st - in LATVIAN, 2nd - in FOREIGN language, check your study program, specialization, codes, chair, degree of a supervisor!
  5. It is a must to include a SUMMARY in Latvian in all the works written in foreign language (short summary of content with introduction and conclusions), 10-15 pages, NO TABLES AND FIGURES!
  6. It is a must to include an abstract (in Latvian and English as minimum)
  7. The reviews are to be filled by a scientific supervisor and by another teacher chosen by a student (suggested by a supervisor). Templates of reviews: –> –> For students –> Methodological materials 
  8. DO NOT TRANSLATE SUMMARY IN LATVIAN THROUGH GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!! You can ask a translator or translate at ISMA for a surcharge: A translation takes 1 week averagely.
  9. Thesis last page - Acknowledgement – sample at –> –> For students –> Methodological materials -> Bachelor or Master paper template 
  10. It is possible to print and put in hard cover thesis in ISMA at a price of 25 EUR. To be paid in accounting  dpt. and to be sent at It is also possible to put in hard cover in the shop across Rimi or elsewhere. 
  11. Text on the cover: ISMA, Bakalaura or Maģistra or Kvalifikācijas darbs and 2020. g.
  12. By the day of defense ALL academic and financial debts must be solved!!!
  13. Presentation template: –> –> For students –> Methodological materials –> Final work presentation template 
  14. Speech during presentation – up to 5 minutes bachelors and 1st level, up to 7 minutes masters
  15. Presentation to be sent 3 days before the defense at