Urgent announcement for ISMA students!

Due to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia dated by October 13, 2020: Starting from 14.10.2020. face masks should be used in ISMA premises, where meet students from different groups, courses, flows, faculty staff and administration; and in all departments where ISMA staff is not separated from visitors with a physical barrier.

Also, the rules already stipulate that the face mask must be used at the place of service, where people stay for more than 15 minutes and it is not possible to keep a distance of 2 meters, as well as no other physical barriers have been created. Face masks may not be used by children under 13 years of age. Also, a face mask may not be worn for medical reasons, such as if a person has difficulty applying the mask due to a movement disorder or if the person has a mental health problem.

Therefore, ISMA students MUST WEAR A FACE MASK:

  • In commonly used premises of ISMA (e.g. wardrobe, lobby, corridors, etc.)
  • In the ISMA library
  • Upon entering ISMA departments (e.g., Accounting, Studies, International, etc.)
  • Talking to ISMA staff
  • In other ISMA premises and territory, where students stay longer than 15 minutes and / or do not observe a distance of 2 m.

In case if a student is in contact with ISMA staff and / or with the students from other groups, courses, flows (except when they study together in jointed groups or courses or flows) it a must to wear a face mask!

When entering the ISMA cafe, please observe a distance of 2 m when choosing dishes at the counter. No more than 4 people can be at one table.

It should be reminded that due to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science from 01.08.2020: “The study process of one group or course, which is not divided into groups, can be organized in one room, without observing the distance of 2 meters”.

Disinfection events, ventilation of the premises and other measures taken in the compliance to the regulations issued by the Government of the Republic of Latvia regularly take place in ISMA premises; however, precautionary measures and obligations of ISMA students are observed.