Test for Covid-19

Starting from October 26 a test for Covid-19 for those who do not have an appointment from a family doctor or other health worker in the BIOR laboratory will cost 38.83 euros.
Delfi was informed about this by the representative of the BIOR Scientific Institute Ilze Dimante.

To sign up for the test, residents are asked to call the phone number +371 28369560 or 8303.

The test results will be known within 24 hours.
You can take tests at the testing point on the Lejupes Street, 3, Riga, on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm by appointment.

Firms and departments can order a visit of a BIOR medical team to collect analyzes - all over Latvia.
You need to sign up for the service in advance by phone +371 26456633.