New study timetable 2020/2021

Dear students!
New study timetable 2020/2021 is available here: – click on logo ISMA - For students – Schedules - CLASSES SCHEDULE (enter through !)

Important information:

  • Lectures continue in ZOOM
  • Please REGULARLY check time table online, there might be changes
  • Please pay attention: studies beginning time HAS BEEN CHANGED!
  • All tutors contacts in ZOOM and their consulting hours: – click on logo ISMA - For students – CONSULTATIONS AND ADMISSION HOURS (enter through !)
  • All materials will be uploaded to Moodle
  • All groups will be switched to Moodle during 2 weeks
  • Communication with tutors – Moodle News Forum, Moodle Chat, Zoom consulting hours
  • Login to – registration details:
    • ID NUMBER: (Your personal code from your ID card OR date of birth)
    • STUDY CONTRACT NUMBER: (Your Study agreement number)
    • STUDY CONTRACT DATE: (Your Study agreement date)