Annual International Conference "Internship & Employment 2015"

Annual conference, which takes place at the ISMA University is aimed to cover the topics on practical training and work placements in Latvia and abroad for young people. Last year (2014) the conference was opened by Riga Dome representative Igor Solovyev who focused on the importance of gaining an international experience and knowledge, which can be used in Latvia.

The Conference is assisted by our Latvian partners like representatives of state institutions, banks, insurance companies, who are sharing information and experience for successful interview passing and professional CV elaboration, they provide students with practical advices and traineeship opportunities and share their experience in training organization. 

Nearly for 10 years the representatives of big international tourism companies and hospitality business participate in the conference. The list of partners include such companies like “OTI Group of companies”, which is operating in tourism sector all around the world, Italian animation company “Claps Srl”, chain of 5* hotels in Greece “Aldemar Hotels”, “Animafest Experience”, which operated on the whole Spain territory, and the other companies, which offer internship and work for the young people in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria and other countries. 

ISMA has great and long experience in students’ employment. During practical training students obtain professional knowledge abroad, study foreign languages and also have an opportunity to travel and gain life experience. We contribute to the development of future professionals - well-qualified young people with international experience. At ISMA conference “Internship and Employment 2014” students has also shared their impressions about their practical training abroad. Also students are using all the opportunities of Erasmus+ programme for the internship. 

We will be glad to welcome all the young people searching for the practice or work placements or just those who want to gain new experience and information to participate in the conference “Internship & Employment 2015”, which will take place on 27 November in ISMA University.