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ISMA bowling night: results

This Wednesday on November 13 at "Pepsi centrs" the first open bowling tournament "ISMA BOWLING NIGHT 2019" was held.

14 teams participated in tournament. Students and even graduates were playing. In total, the event was attended by 75 people.

According to the work done in this project, the organizers (ISMA sports sector) received a lot of gratitude and requests to arrange such interactive events more often.

In collaboration with ISMA, Pepsi centrs and the Embassy of Uzbekistan, this event was held at a high level with prizes for all the participants.

Winners  of ISMA BOWLING NIGHT 2019:
1st place - K.A.M.R.J.
2nd place - PREMJERS
3rd place - ISMA
The best player is Leo (JOMA TEAM) - 191 points

Thank You for coming.