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ERASMUS students acquainted with Latvia

Finally, all ERASMUS students have been gathered together. 

Events for our international students started from the excursion to the Open air museum. On the one hand, it’s a little bit strange choice, but very interesting. Unfortunately, a lot of students don’t pay their attention at this museum. 

Students have been acquainted with the way of leaving and history of culture in the rural area from different cultural and historical regions of Latvia, covering the period from 17th to 20th century. Excursion was guided with very smart and funny women, it was held in English. She gave to us general idea how the Latvians lived three centuries ago.

The tour was informative not only for our international students, but as well as for representatives from SSG (Christine Liepina and Elvina Bilmak). Thanks to everybody for staying with us, see you at the next event. 

Feedback from ERASMUS Students:

I've never gone to an open air museum before. It as been a very good experience for me because I went in Latvia to discover this part of Europe that for Italian people is mostly unknown. I think this must be the first museum that people like me must visit because it shows how people was living here before they had access to electricity heating etc. and how they were fighting against the very hard climate conditions. And it has been so amazing also because of the nature that was around us, I like to go walking in the forest and here was even better! Thank you very much!Massimiliano Della Porta, Italia
The tour to the museum was great, I hope there will be more trips organised by ISMA.Sania Nikolova, Bulgaria