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Good luck, Freshmen!

Finally, the long-time anticipated freshmen welcoming party has taken place at Just Bar.

Senior students, master programme graduates, who had received their diplomas on the same day, and long-time friends of ISMA took part in the event. The freshmen took an oath of loyalty to the university. The show host, our graduate, Sergey Shibkih, has helped make the event active and joyful. His contests helped new students relax and get together. The particular charm to the evening was brought by performances of students and graduates. Huge gratitude goes out to our long-time friends and constant participants of all parties – 2014 graduates, Victoria Miloradova and Sergey Boytsov; 2016 graduate, Tatsiana Danilevich; student of School Nr.89, Ilya Morozov; the first year student, Klim Alexan! ISMA is proud of our smart, talented and active students!

Freshmen! At ISMA you will find a colourful and diverse life! You have countless possibilities to prove yourself not only in studies, but also in arts and sports. Participate in the events and Student Self-government! You will definitely become strong, versatile and highly-qualified professionals, who can pull off any job. Good luck in all your efforts! We trust in you!

Olga Zozula, 1 course student