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Studies in Germany. Our students experience.

Ready to leave your daily routine and comfort zone behind to experience one year of a completely different and super exciting life? Then Erasmus Program is for you!

My Erasmus year gave me a unique opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful Bavarian cities and study in one of the oldest universities - The University of Bamberg which is 368 years old. Bamberg city and Bavarians are very hospitable. Therefore, each semester 300 Erasmus students are being hosted by the university what gives a great opportunity to be acquainted with people from all over the world. University’s international office has organised many events and excursions for foreign students what gave us a great chance to visit the most beautiful and important places in Bavaria, Germany and Austria. 

I have tried a completely new education system and I liked it a lot. I was impressed by huge lecture halls where more than 300 students could study at the same time. I also loved that every language course I took was taught by the native speakers. 

In Bamberg I have met so many people from different countries. With some of them we will stay friends forever. It’s such a great feeling when you realise you can easily talk and express yourself with the foreigners without any barriers. Erasmus helped me to experience not only German culture but also cultures from all over the world. It helped me to broader my mind and taught me the language of international communications. 

Never hesitate and do not lose your opportunities. Go try yourself, try Erasmus program and you will never be the same after living an absolutely different but very inspiring life.