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ISMA Student Initiation

On the October 1, ISMA 1st year students has been initiated into real students. 

At the entrance, students from ISMA SP greeted all the guests with bread and salt (but for some reason, almost every student expected trick on the part of salt)

Two stunning people – Elena Tonova and Denis Tumakovs, leaded this evening. Freshmens has sworn of allegiance to ISMA, also they participated in competitions, they were dancing, singing, got to know each other and having fun. Wonderful singers and dancers has performed on JUST club scene especially for our freshmen’s and ISMA friends - Dana Sokolova, Ilya Morozov, Tatiana Danilevich, Denis Tumakovs, dance group EASY DANCE and of course, ISMA graduate and jazzman Sergey Boytsov. Between the competitions, all of guests danced and had fun. We would like to thank the JUST club for their cooperation over the years.

Photos are here.