ISMA together with the public organization "Palīdzēsim viens otram" from May 26 to June 20 collects things for people in trouble.

Items needed to donation:

  • Household appliances - washing machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners;
  • For the kitchen - frying pans and pots, sponges, rags, brooms, dishes and bowls, other kitchen utensils, dishwashing detergents;
  • Dryers, pillows, curtain rods;
  • For children - shoes, puzzles, board games, books, coloring books, paper for application, cardboard, scissors, educational toys (but not soft ones), diapers (from size 5), strollers for two for children with a small age difference, sweets;
  • Women's and men's seasonal shoes (women without heels), men's clothing, women's seasonal clothes 36-42 sizes, teenagers' clothing, sportswear, slippers and pajamas, underwear and tights (including large sizes), socks;
  • Long-term storage products - pasta, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, oils, canned food, soups in jars, sugar, coffee, tea, flour, spices etc.;
  • Hygiene products - shaving products, shampoos, deodorants, toilet paper, hand creams, lotions, toothbrushes, hygiene bags, tampons;
  • Repair materials - paints, wallpapers, brushes, fillers, spatulas, floor coverings, etc.;
  • Over-the-counter medicines: fever-reducing (for children and adults), cough medicines, crutches and canes, walkers.

Items must be clean and in working condition.
Donation point:
ISMA, Informācijas sistēmu menedžmenta augstskola (Lomonosova iela 1, k-7),
Mon.-Fri. 10:00-17:00

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