This project offers:

  • "Language cafe" - Latvian language courses for free for foreigners (especially from the Asian region) located in Latvia.
    Language: Latvian, English, Arabic.
  • Emotional support group for foreigners (Latvians can also participate)
    Language: English.
  • "Svinam Svētkus" events, where the festivals, culture and traditions of the Asian region are introduced.
    Languages: English, Latvian.
  • Lectures about stress, mental health, physical health, and practical activities.
    Languages: Latvian, English.

Emotional Support group and Language cafe - (Mentor + Mentoree).
Individual approach for Latvian language learning, based on previous knowledge about the language.

An art competition is currently taking place in honor of the Holi Festival, where any Latvian resident from the age of 16 can participate, including adults!
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We also are inviting you to make your own lantern in honor of the Chinese New Year (submit by 25.02. 23:59).
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During the COVID-19 situation, all events take place remotely on the ZOOM platform.

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