Scientific and Pedagogical Internship

Scientific and Pedagogical Internship "Trends of development of the educational process in the field of information systems management in Ukraine and EU countries"

April 23rd – 26th, 2019
Organizer: Informācijas sistēmu menedžmenta augstskola (ISMA) (Riga, Latvia) supported by Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (followed by signed cooperation agreement)
Chairman of the organizational committee of the academic internship: Dr.oec. Deniss Djakons, ISMA Rector

Following persons are invited to participate in the internship:

  • An academic staff of the higher education institutions;
  • Scientific staff of the scientific organizations,
  • Doctoral students, graduate students, applicants with a degree or in degree obtaining process in the field of management, tourism, computer science, information systems

Every participant of the internship will be provided with:

  • a publication of thesis of scientific – methodical reports
  • internship certificate (in two languages)
    The certificate of scientific and pedagogical internship in a EU-member country is a valuable part in a process of obtaining assistant professor, professor, senior researcher positions regarding to the Ukrainian legislation acts about the order of the assignment of the scientific titles to scientific and academical staff as well is taken into the consideration while licencing and accreditation of the educational services.

The internship study load is 5 credit points (180 hours) and is distributed as follows:

  • familiarization with the history of the university, the activities of the international department and the proposed participation in international programs - 12 hours
  • acquaintance with reports within the framework of the international academic experience exchange week ISMA Staff Training and Teaching Week (ISMA STTW) - 48 hours
  • individual work on scientific and methodological reports - 120 hours

The participants should send electronically within the deadline of April 5th, 2019 to (e-mail subject: Remote internship April 23rd - 26th):

  • thesis of scientific – methodical report regarding to the research topic of the applicant in the scientific or educational establishment in Ukraine (the obtaining of the internship certificate without submitting of the scientifically-methodical report is impossible)
  • application
  • scanned copy of the receipt of the registration fee


Application for the participation in the scientific and pedagogical internship
"Trends of development of the educational process in the field of information systems management in Ukraine and EU countries"

1. Surname, name of the participant in Ukrainian and English (transliteration)
2. Scientific degree, academic title (if any) in Ukrainian and English
3. Position, place of work in Ukrainian and English
4. Contact phone
5. E-mail
6. Postal address where to send published thesis and the certificate (name, surname of the participant, street, house, apartment, city (district), postal index)

Requirements to the theses of scientific-methodical reports:
Please pay special attention to the fact that the topic of the scientific and methodological report should be connected with the peculiarities of training specialists in the field of management, tourism, computer science, information systems, with the system of higher education in this field in Ukraine and in the EU countries, the formation of skills in the field of management, tourism, computer science, information systems, etc.
Publications formatting requirements

Participation fee:

  • The participation fee of the internship participant consists of 70 EUR in UAH equivalent at the exchange rate at a time of the payment and is used to cover transport and administrative expenses due to the proceeding of the international certificates, website administration, thesis publishing and its further dissemination by post to the participants.
  • Please pay attention, the internship is individual.  Payment of the fees for theses, written in co-authorship, is carried out by each participant of the internship, despite the co-authorship.
  • Details for payment will be provided after receiving theses and application. Authors need to transfer funds after acceptance of theses by the organizing committee.
  • A collection of abstracts of scientific reports and certificates will be sent to participants at the postal address showed in the application, until June 1, 2019.

 +371 67100589