Students' selfgovernment

ISMA Students Self-Government

ISMA SP Regulations

In the Students' Self-Government of ISMA there are the following departments:

  • Academic, scientific and research department;
  • Information and Advertising department;
  • Sports department;
  • Department of Foreign Relations;
  • Department of Culture.

These local governments are headed by the president, assisted by vice-president and secretary.

Sector of Academic and scientific-research work is actively cooperating with the Studies Department and Vice-rector for scientific work, coordinating communications with the administration of the university’s students. It organizes work with the heads of groups, curators and faculty professors. It represents and defends the interests of the students, helping to solve problems. It conducts surveys and participates in the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Information and Advertising Department collaborates with the Information Centre of ISMA. It works in the field of mass media, providing current information on news and high schools, develops and promotes electronic newspaper ISMA News, electronic forums „ISMA Community” and the electronic channel „ISMA TV”. It collaborates with administrators’ homepage, "", works in social networks. It informs students about all the events in ISMA, LSA and other youth organizations. It prepares working group for preparing students to participate in exhibitions, conferences, Open Doors Days, etc.

Sector of Foreign Relations cooperates with ISMA Foreign Relations Department. It helps international students to adapt to the country and the university, organizes events and excursions for them, provides information on the history and culture of Latvia. It participates in the selection of students for the program ERASMUS and organizes the work of the Spanish club.

Sector of Culture organizes and prepares all the cultural events of the HEI (parties, competitions, exhibitions). It supervises the activities of Body-Art Theatre. It organizes the annual festival “ISMA Invites Talents”, and coordinates charity activities of students and professors to support large families “Avots”.

Sports Sector promotes healthy lifestyle, organizes sports clubs and competitions in futsal and soccer championship ISMA Friendly Cup. It participates in the Universiade (Sports competitions of Latvian HEIs students).