Program Director:
Dr.oec., Prof., Acad., expert Science of Academy Latvia Marga Živitere
Duration of studies:
4 years or 4 years and 10 months
Awarded degree:
Doctor of Economics (Dr. oec.)
Latvian | English

The content of the programme:

  • theoretical study courses, in the amount of 40 credit points
  • research work, which results in elaboration of a promotion thesis in the amount of 120 credit points
  • a promotion thesis can be elaborated in the following ways: dissertation; set of thematically common scientific publications; monograph.

The program covers a wide range of economics and management courses

  • business administration
  • economics of firms
  • finance management
  • information systems management
  • marketing
  • methodology and researcher methods

Reports of Program Improvement

I. Requirements for prior education
Enrolment in the Doctoral study programme “Business Administration” is available for the persons who have Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Management, or Education Management, or professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or Master’s Degree in other fields of science if their working experience in the field of entrepreneurship management is not shorter than two years.

II. Documents
1. Application (fill in the form for foreign students);
2. Higher Education or Bachelor’s degree Diploma (copy, submit the original);
3. Master’s degree Diploma (copy, submit the original);
4. Copy of a document proving work experience in the field of entrepreneurship (submit the original);
5. Description of education and professional activities (Europass CV);
6. Passport copy;
7. 3 photographs
8. Application for the theme of promotional thesis (fill in the form) providing the rationale for choosing the research topic and research program. If the alleged supervisor is not involved in the implementation of this Doctoral study programme, his CV should be attached to the application form.

III. Evaluation of an applicant
The evaluation of an applicant is performed by the Council of Doctoral study programme. During professional interviews the Council of Doctoral study programme evaluates candidate’s application for the theme of promotional thesis and compliance with the requirements of the Doctoral study programme.

Criteria Index Points
Accordance of the candidate’s Master’s Degree to the programme “Business Administration” related
Master’s thesis evaluation 7-8-9-10 12
Topicality partly correspondent
completely correspondent
Availability of the initial research and supervisor of studies available 2
Professional interview results unsatisfactory
Scientific publications 1 and more 2
Reporting at international scientific conferences 1 and more 2
Participation in international, LZP and other research projects 1 and more 2
Practical experience in business administration up to 2 years
2 years and more
Doing courses in foreign higher education institutions and research institutions 2 months and more 2

Candidate is enrolled to studies obtaining 6 and more points.
The Council of Doctoral study programme communicates its decision to the candidate.

IV. Tuition fee and Study Contract
The admission of candidates is performed after the fulfilment of the conditions of the Study Contract. The admission is performed by the Rector’s order. Supervisor of studies is appointed to a doctoral student by the Rector

Reports of Program Improvement

2016 / 2017

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