Director of the study programme:
Mg.oec., Mg.paed. Irēna Germane
Duration of studies:
Full-time intramural - 2 years; Part-time extramural – 2,5 years
House manager (4th level Professional qualification, 5th level. NQF/EQF)

Description of the study programme

Modern and dynamic real estate market has been developing in Latvia since 1990. Today this market attracts the attention of both local and foreign investors. In the conditions of economic and social growth the demand for qualified house managers is growing in Latvia.

The First-level study programme “Entrepreneurship in the Field of Real Estate”, which is licenced in 2004, ensures the training of specialists who are in demand on the labour market and are authorised to perform the duties of house managers in compliance with the Law on Administration of Residential Houses.


The study programme has been developed in cooperation with the industry specialists to bring the study content as close as possible to the actualities of the real estate market. Special attention is paid to employers' demands for real estate management, commercial understanding of real estate development and value creation, and the right of residents to live in a safe and orderly environment. The study programme combines theoretical knowledge and practical approach. The graduates of the study programme have the opportunity to continue their studies at ISMA Professional Bachelor study programme “Business Administration”.

Objectives of the study programme:

  • To provide students with comprehensive knowledge in real estate management, ensuring the development of professional and social competencies necessary for the activity of house manager in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding occupational standard and respecting the role of the profession in the social context.
  • To provide a modern and open organization of the study process, which is oriented on students' interests and values, respecting the principles of mutual tolerance, interaction and democracy, and to motivate students for further professional development and self-development.
  • To organize and develop cooperation with other educational institutions in Latvia and abroad, as well as with professional organizations and employers in order to improve the quality of the study programme.

Learning outcomes are specified taking into account the competence approach and the requirements of the NQF/EQF framework, as well as the demands of the real estate market.

  • Is able to demonstrate the comprehensive and specialised knowledge in the field of real estate management.
  • Based on the analytical approach, is able to perform practical tasks in real estate management.
  • Is familiar with the problems of the field and is able to solve the related issues.
  • Is motivated to seek effective solutions, is open to discussion and negotiation of real estate management and development strategies.
  • Understands and implements, in the bounds of one's professional duties, a socially responsible approach to real estate management.
  • Is able to ensure coordination and control of real estate management projects and is ready to develop his / her knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Is able to evaluate and improve one's own and other persons' activities, work in cooperation with others, plan and organize work to perform the tasks required in the house management profession.
  • Is able to formulate, describe and analyse practical problems of house management, select the necessary information and use it to solve clearly defined problems.
  • Is able to set and achieve the aims of real estate management and development and understand the role of the profession of house management in a broader social context.

Career opportunities

Having acquired ISMA First-level vocational higher education study programme “Entrepreneurship in the Field of Real Estate” and being conferred the diploma of 4th level Professional qualification you will be able to pursue the career of house manager:

  • To establish an enterprise, to select appropriate strategy and client group.
  • To cooperate with apartment owners’ associations.
  • To work in Latvian and international commercial companies managing residential, office and industrial, as well as entertainment, recreation, etc. buildings.
  • State, municipal and non-governmental organizations operating in the field of management, administration and activities of residential public buildings maintenance.

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