Information Society Review. 2017, Volume 10, No.1

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Совершенствование ассортимента туристских услуг туристического агентства „MEDKOR”
Санта Мичуле, Елена Лукьянова

ISMA University, 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld.6, LV-1019, Riga, Latvia

Бакалаврская работа на тему „Совершенствование ассортимента туристских услуг туристического агентства Medkor” посвящена изучению предпринимательской деятельности туристического агентства и решению предпринимательской проблемы недополучения прибыли путем расширения спектра услуг.

Development Slowdown of Construction industry: Problems and Solutions
Yu Trofimova, M Zhivitere

Ventspils University College, Inženieru 101a, LV-3601, Ventspils, Latvia

Construction industry growth rate decreased significantly in the last few years, while showing significant drop in some segments. Construction industry data outline a slowdown trend and are a signal of challenges to be expected in future. Article is aimed at evaluation of causes and problems of the slowdown trend of construction industry companies and at making conclusions on possible solutions of the problems. For this purpose, review of studies on Latvian construction industry is being conducted, as well as the SWOT analysis of internal and external factors influencing this industry was done. This forms a basis for conclusions and recommendations for further rapid development of the industry.