Information Technologies, Management and Society. 2017, Volume 10, No.1

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Personnel adaptation in the workplace, the quality of working life and subjective well-being
B Frolenoka, O Dukule

ISMA University, 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld.6, LV-1019, Riga, Latvia

The process of personnel adaptation in the workplace is reviewed in this paper. In many works, this question is regarded as involvement in someone’s job. The analysis of scientific publications has shown that personnel adaptation in the company directly depends on a company’s corporate culture. Successful adaptation influences an employee’s quality of working life and professional wellbeing. The model describing professional wellbeing, taken from the field of psychology, has been commented on in this paper. In addition, topical issues regarding personnel adaptation types and stages are addressed. The approaches to designing organizational programmes, which aim at improving and optimising adaptation process, at decreasing stress levels during adaption and at increasing professional wellbeing are outlined in the paper

Developing marketing strategy for Ramada Encore Kiev
J Korjuhina1, O Sorokin2

1ISMA University, 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld.6, LV-1019, Riga, Latvia
2Hotel School,  Latvia

The article gives the analysis of marketing strategy of Ramada Encore Kiev Hotel, highlights the importance of marketing concept, and marketing strategy, and formulates the ways of improving the situation with the help of marketing activities.The hospitality marketing mix model is used as the theoretical basis. Besides, governmental data in 2011-15 of Ukrainian border service, financial reports, international organisations statistics, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and other methods are used. Nowadays hospitality is fast growing and developing industry. The aim of this work is to find suitable new advertising strategies that can help for hotel’s development.

Stress management in a multi-project environment
Slavyanska, V Dimitrova, K Stankova

The paper is devoted to an important aspect, influencing the effectiveness of the project teams in a multi-project environment, and more concretely it tries to demonstrate the necessity of management of stress, as well as to identify opportunities for this. The authors focus consecutively on aspects such as: stress management as a factor of effectiveness of the project activity in a multi-project environment, explaining the essence and importance of the professional stress as a psychological phenomenon, the negative consequences of the stress and the potential stressors at the work place; necessity of stress management in a multi-project environment, explaining the essence and characteristics of the multi-project organization as a natural environment of the project teams and presenting this type of environment as a stress factor; opportunities for stress management in a multi-project environment, including organizational mechanisms and psychological techniques for stress management.

Labour migration and remittances: strategy for survival or development?
Talgat Uteubayev

ISMA University, 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld.6, LV-1019, Riga, Latvia

The article is devoted to an actual problem of labor migration, the study of remittances and their role in the lives of migrant households. Remittances are used in migrant households in Central Asia primarily for the purchase of consumer goods. Since labor migration flows in the region tend to increase, and the volume of remittances increase, it becomes much more urgent to use the remittances not only for consumption, but also for development. To develop the programs on the use of remittances for the development of outcomes in the countries and for the achievement there is a need to study the problem comprehensively: the volumes and methods of transfers, their role in migrant households and national economies.