Study and practice

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My internship was related to my exchange semester in fall 2017 that I spent studying in Tenerife. I took an internship in Tenerife hotel. The target of my internship was to broaden my knowledge of foreign culture, gain an overview of how nosiness is built in hotel/restaurant/café (“HoReCa”) industry overseas, as well as advance my commutation skills with foreign customers. 

The fall semester I spent studying in the university “Escuela de Turismo Iriarte”, which I definitely recommend. I choose to be the part of Erasmus program, because I want to gain experience of leaving alone abroad, as well as improve my English skills. I got a wonderful chance to try to study in a different language, and meet new people, that broaden my horizons. The university has a very interesting study program that includes business, economics and tourism. 

However, there were also some administrative difficulties. I was supposed to study in English and I had been preparing myself accordingly. When I came for the first time to the administration of my university, to my surprise, I was told that all classes are thought in Spanish. At that point of time I had only beginner commands in Spanish, hence studying important subject in language I do not know very well seemed to be unfeasible. Fortunately, it turned out that teachers, students were very responsive, and with a great help from their side I managed to finish the semester and pass all exams. 

After successfully passing all exams, I started to look for internship opportunities available in Tenerife. I found an internship in the South of Tenerife that would develop my hotel management skills. To my surprise, I have gained an unforgettable experience and knowledge of the hotel management area. Including but not limited client communication, event management, scheduling, and guest arrival management, negotiations regarding transfer of people, holiday offers and touristic trip planning. 

After this trip, I think I became more independent, as well as advanced my knowledge in tourism and hotel management. The great advantage of studying and working is that you can apply theory learned in classes in real time situations. You have to act instantly and be able to think rationally under the pressure and in tight timing. Furthermore, I met many new people with whom I keep contacts. It is very interesting to meet new people from the different countries. 

Generally, I regret nothing. Moreover, this journey is memorable since I saw the real carnival for the first time. I brought a lot of emotions and energy to the Riga after this trip.

Kristina Zadorozhnaja