Hello for everyone who’s reading it!

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My name is Ilya Rezvy and I’m studying at ISMA university 3rd course of Business management now. Last half of a year I spent on a Canarias Islands because of a chance which been provided by Erasmus program of studying mobility. This trip was an amazing, full of new experience as well as all the other trips abroad. I’ve been there with my friends located on the Capital Island, Gran Canaria, city Las Palmas.

Strictly speaking that place is not for quality studying, there was a lot of holidays, festivals and more other events which makes education process slower, the reason of it is that university not working as well till the party’s over. But of course, all of that have positive side, a lot of positive sides. We’ve opened absolutely new culture, update our communication skills, saw many places which looks like paradise. 

Problem only affected us during the first two weeks, because there was a problem with organization of our living place and navigations from coordinators was not that good.

While studying process, I gained a little higher in my knowledge of Spanish language, experience not only as a student of a typical studying course, but also as a surfing course class. The schedule there was great, allowing you to see several cities, cultural monuments and relax on the sunny beach.

Great thanks to my university, as well as for the possibilities like this one, special thanks for teachers from university of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for understanding and helping us while studying process. I want to encourage others to take this opportunity and enjoy the experience abroad.

Thank you for your attention, enjoy your life.