Jeļena Kozmina - Assosiate professor ISMA

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Name of the Sending university: ISMA, Riga, Latvia
The Receiving Institution: Vilnius Business College, Lietuva, Kalvarijų g. 129-401, LT-08221 Vilnius, Lithuania
Department of Business Managment and Marketing
The course name: Mathematical models and differential equations (8)
The logistic equations and attractors (8)
Period of the teaching activity: 24/03/2019 - 31/03/2019

During the specified period I delivered lectures to the students, which are in line with the courses in their study programme. It was very interesting for me to build up cooperation between the ISMA University and Vilnius Business College and to motivate students and academic staff to take part in mobility programs. Our discussions after reading the course were very exciting and useful.

I acquired new knowledge from experience of working in an international environment relevant for my further professional development.

During the mobility program, I established a personal contact with representatives of the academic staff of Vilnius Business College and really hope to support them in the future.

The established contacts provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and to determine the possibilities of joint research projects. We can familiarize ourselves with the courses of bachelor’s and master's programs in order to understand which program is more suitable for potential Erasmus+ students exchange and to have the possibility of increasing international student exchange.

I hope my lectures were useful. Improving of skills of holding lectures in English in an international environment is very important for me.