Amazing ERASMUS experience

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In January 2018 I became a part of Erasmus Study program. I chose ULPGC University in Canary Islands to improve my studies. I took part of this program twice because experience and studies here are excellent!

Totally different rules of life, different attitude to life and different way of life. I met totally new conditions here. First time it was hard because of a language, but one of most important things is to communicate with local people and students from all the world to improve language skills. After this step everything is easier.

Study program is totally different from what I use too. Huge University with a lot of different faculties based in separated district a bit out of a city. There are couple of faculties in the city as well but most of them are outside.

The city looks amazing, small, sunny and full of very open-minded people who would love to train you language skills! 

I came to island without any language. First of all I decided to learn English and already in couple of months I started to talk free and now also have a good level of Spanish as well.

Undoubtedly, the professional benefit of this mobility was the experience, you learn so much without even realizing it sometimes, even from small things, you learn how to work in a team, you improve your communication skills, get a lot of work experience, which you can always find useful in the future, you train and improve your knowledge of foreign languages, which I noticed so much, because you have to use them on every day basis.

I would like to say thank to my university ISMA who was helping and understanding, for their organization. Wish to go for another semester to another country, but this is my final year so that postpone this for my master degree. It was great and will stay in memory for ever.

This program is made for people who wants more in this life and investigating how to get it! Future is in our hands and we have to make it best!

Alisa Karsova