Iryna Kalenyuk

Director of the representative office:
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Economist and scientist well-known in Europe.
More than 30 years of experience in management and top positions in education and science.

      ISMA University of Applied Sciences is cooperating with Irina Kalenyuk for about 15 years in the following areas:

  • Organisation of international conferences and trainings
  • Cooperation with Ukrainian HEIs
  • Scientific research activity
  • International publications
  • Organising and coordination of international editorial boards and professorships
  • Improving the quality of higher education and the exchange of experience from different countries of Europe and America

Scientific interests: the role of education in social development, intellectualization of world economic development, economic problems of the functioning and development of the education system in the context of globalization, etc.

Editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal Economics&Education (Latvia), member of the editorial board of economic scientific journals Demography and Social Policy (Ukraine), International Economic Policy (Ukraine), etc.

Author of more than 230 scientific publications.

The official coordinator of joint master's study program Latvia - USA "Risk Management" in Ukraine, learn more about the program.

We speak English, Ukrainian, Russian and Latvian.

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