ISMA SC Regulations

The Head of ISMA Student Council Body is a President, appointed by ISMA Rector.

Elections to the Student Council are held in October.

To participate in elections fill in form.

ISMA Student Council body comprises the following sectors:

  • Sports sector promotes healthy lifestyle living, coordinates ISMA sports club work and help in organization of ISMA Friendly Cup in futsal and soccer championship, as well as participates in Student Sports Competitions of Latvian HEIs - Universiade.
  • Culture sector organizes and prepares all the cultural events of the HEI (parties, evenings, exhibitions). It takes part in organization of Annual Festival “ISMA Festivāls”.
  • Academic and scientific-research work sector is actively cooperating with ISMA Studies Department and ISMA Vice-rector for scientific work, coordinating communications between ISMA administration staff and ISMA students. It organizes work with the heads of groups, curators and ISMA professors. It represents and defends the interests of ISMA students, helps to solve problems. It conducts surveys and participates in the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.
  • External Relations Sector is responsible for communication with students from another universities. Student Union of Latvia (Latvijas Studentu apvienība, LSA) represents the interests of all students in Latvia nationally and internationally. More about LSA on the website.

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