ISMA University of Applied Sciences – is the Latvian higher education institution with rich traditions and clear vision of its place in the European higher education area. ISMA was founded in 1994 on the base of Riga Aviation University.

The accredited study directions are implemented on all levels of higher education (first-level, Bachelor, Master and doctoral study programmes):

  • Business administration
  • Tourism
  • Information systems

ISMA University of Applied Sciences is one of the structural units of ISMA Holding, which includes ISMA HEI, secondary school Premjers, International School Premjers, Scientific Research Institute, and publishing house of scientific periodicals.

ISMA Holding is headed by its president and founder - Prof., Romans Djakons.

ISMA is developing successfully and continuously, which makes it possible to prepare highly qualified specialists with practical experience who are competitive on the labour market. The innovative training system involves the provision of deep theoretical knowledge with the possibility of applying it in practice.

Active international policy, as well as the use of the experience of foreign partners around the world, has led to the fact that over the past 10 years ISMA has become an international institution of higher education: about half of the students are citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.

ISMA has 3 official representative offices in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus, as well as 2 accredited branches in Daugavpils, Latvia and in Fergana, Uzbekistan.

ISMA strategic partners are the following well-known international organisations:

  • BMDA (Baltic Management Development Association), which brings together universities and business professionals in 24 countries, including from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the UK and the USA,
  • CEEMAN (The International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies) - dynamic business development association, consisting of more than 220 representatives from Europe, Asia, etc.,
  • LVRA (Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia),
  • LDDK (Latvian Employers Confederation),
  • ISMA also uses the developments of tourism industry representatives, such as AMADEUS (global reservation system) and Hotelinco (Property Management System).

ISMA symbols

Coat of Arms
Герб ISMAThe basis of the coat of arms is a classical German shield. In its center the shield bears a golden-fimbriated heraldic animal - a golden-maned silver unicorn against a maroon background to represent the colour of the Latvian flag. To this have been added a mottoUbi Concordia, Ibi Victoria (lat), meaning "Where there is consent, there is victory", which appears just above the unicorn. Below these is the acronym that stands for the higher educational institution - ISMA. The date of its foundation written in a classical Latin style appears at the base. The coat of arms is mounted into an exquisite (elegant) frame of silver and gold and is bound by a laurel wreath. The arms is surmounted by a golden-tasselled cappit - the symbol of academism and science, while a scroll bound by a golden ribbon represents the significance of knowledge.

    The colours of the coat of arms:
  • Maroon (purple) - the symbol of virtue, strength, might and unity
  • Golden (yellow) - the symbol of wealth, justice, generosity and the bright future
  • Silver (white) - the symbol of purity, innocence, youthfulness and hope

The heraldic animal: Unicorn - a mythical animal, a running horse (capable of transforming into other animals) with a long, straight, golden horn at the forehead - the symbol of purity and virginity.

Флаг ISMAThe formula of the flag: the triband of blue, white and blue BWB (blue-white-blue; 4:5:4). Blue associates with a higher power and nobleness of descent, bearing serenity and dignity. White stands for purity of thoughts, rectification and deity, openness and obscurity. The coat of arms appears in the center of the white strip symbolizing the eternal search for the truth.


The lyrics of the anthem of ISMA were written by Prof. Yury Shunin.

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