About the course

This programme is organized for the persons who want to improve their knowledge of the English language as the means of business communication and to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

After finishing the courses the graduates will be able:

  • to meet potential partners;
  • to participate in business meetings;
  • to react at customers’ complaints;
  • to work with business documents;
  • to make a presentation of their enterprise.

Duration 6 months, 160 ac.hours
Classes 3 times a week x 2 or 3 ac.hours
Start classes start when the number of students in the group is minimum 5 (max 10)
Tuition fee 135.00 EUR per month
Lectures ISMA academic staff
Address 1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 7, Riga
Phone +371 67114518
E-mail marina.celika@isma.lv

After finishing the courses

Final test includes the examination of the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The graduates, who successfully pass the test, receive the LR Certificate of the acquisition of professional skills development programme.

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