Director of the study programme:, Professor Jelena Caiko
Duration of studies:
Full Time - 4 years, Part Time − 4,5 years
Awarded Degree:
Professional Bachelor of Information Systems
System Analyst
Latvian | English

The main aim of the study programme is to prepare modern specialists − information system analysts, experts in programming, who could work in various fields of science and practice on the basis of comprehensive knowledge of information systems and technologies.

A system analyst is able to design and develop competitive software products and to provide the required documentation and operational support.

The Study Program curriculum and its separate study courses provide the goals and tasks of experts’ training.


  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Computer Systems Administration and Safety
  • Intellectual Education Systems
  • Applied Systems of Computer Modelling
  • Applied Electronics Computing Systems
  • Web Technologies
  • Computer Design and Media Technologies

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