Bachelor in Business Administration Programme

Location of studies: ISMA Latvia (years 1 and 4), MIBD Montreux or MIBD Dubai (years 2 and 3)

Duration of Studies: 4 years (full time)

Language of Instruction: English

Starting Dates: September and January


An amazing opportunity to study business administration in a truly international environment, between Latvia and Montreux (Switzerland) or Dubai.

Students admitted to the programme will be able to start their learning journey in Latvia for the first year, and then move on to Switzerland or Dubai, depending on their preference, while graduating from both MIBD after the third year of studies, and from ISMA on the fourth year. When successfully completing the four year MIBD & ISMA programmes, students will have gained a Level 5 and Level 6 Diplomas in Business Administration and Management from MIBD (which is equivalent to a bachelor degree and highly international), and a Bachelor degree from ISMA.



The undergraduate programme provides students with pertinent business foundations by creating links to the industry via academia. Students will grasp key concepts through an array of subjects ranging from Finance to Entrepreneurship and Marketing, then enhance the knowledge gained through practical work via start-ups and other companies.


Admission Criteria

In order to be eligible for the programme, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • English Proficiency: IELTS score 5.5; TOEFL score 55 (IBT), English native or equivalent.
  • High School Diploma, Maturité (Swiss), or equivalent international secondary education qualification.


Visa Process

In case you require a visa, have a look here

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