ISMA full-time students, who have completed at least one year of studies (bachelor degree program and master degree program) as well as recent graduate students (during one year after graduation) can apply for Erasmus+ internship mobility. Applying for internship mobility is twice a year: in autumn for winter internship (deadline - October 31) and in spring for summer internship (deadline – April 30). Student can apply for internship mobility at any foreign partner company from the list, which is participating in the Erasmus + program and with whom ISMA has signed a Cooperation agreement.

Moreover, it is possible to do an internship at a company you offer located in the EU. For more information, please contact International Relations Department coordinator in Building 6, Room 206.

Every year, students have an opportunity to get detailed information about the internship and its conditions, as well as to meet with participants offering employment opportunities by attending the Annual conference ISMA Internship & Employment.

Students can participate in Erasmus+ internship mobility several times, but not more than 12 months at each level of study (bachelor's and master's, studies). The minimum duration of internship mobility under the Erasmus+ program is two months.

The main requirements for the student's participation in Erasmus+ internship mobility to be accepted:

  • Good knowledge of the English language (or one of the languages of the EU member states, depending on the receiving company),
  • No academic and financial debts.

To apply for internship mobility, student must complete an application form. The completed and signed application form must be sent electronically by e-mail or submitted in hard copy to the International Relations Department coordinator, building 6, office nr. 206.

Application form

The most successful students will be awarded with EU financial support and co-financing from the Latvian budget to partially cover living expenses. Other students who meet the conditions of the competition are also offered the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program, without receiving a financial support, and covering all living expenses themselves, as the amount of financial support is limited.

An application for an internship may be rejected in the following cases:

  • The student arbitrarily stopped the practice in previous seasons.
  • In the previous season, the employer provided a negative reference or a negative review about the student.
  • The student's obligations to the host company were not fulfilled in previous seasons.

During internship abroad:

  • students must comply with the provisions of the concluded Erasmus + grant agreement for ERASMUS+ internship, as well as the conditions of internship agreement;
  • students must spend the full internship period at the company and observe the rules and procedures of the partner institution;
  • students must continue paying tuition fee at ISMA according to their payment schedule

Upon returning from internship, students must submit the following documents to the ISMA International Relations department coordinator in accordance with the deadlines specified in the Erasmus + grant agreement for ERASMUS+ internship:

  • Certificate of Attendance - signed and stamped by partner institution,
  • Learning Agreement – signed and stamped by all three parts,
  • The student must complete and submit an individual report (Erasmus participant report) on the online «Mobility Tool» system.
  • The student must take the final language proficiency test online in the «Online Language Support» (OLS) environment.



ERASMUS+ coordinator
International relations coordinator
+371 67114518

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