The mission of the ISMA Career Center
To support and enhance the personal development of ISMA students and to stimulate their employment by using the career development support system measures.

The target audience of the ISMA Career Centre consists of students, graduates, employers and high school students.

The main aims of the Career Centre are:

  • to improve the competitiveness and integration skills of students and graduates on the job market;
  • to plan, organise, and control the realisation of study practice;
  • to consult and inform high school students about the kinds of education available, about study programmes and job opportunities after obtaining a certain education;
  • to encourage and facilitate co-operation with employers, for example, regarding study practice places, projects, research, and current job opportunities;
  • to create and maintain information resources databases – graduates’ databases and employers’ databases, as well as to collect, batch and submit electronically the information related to career and career opportunities.

ISMA has many long-term agreements with enterprises in Latvia and abroad concerning study practice places.
In addition to working on these questions, the Career Centre offers consultations regarding professional orientation, organises seminars and conferences, etc. The Career Centre is also involved in various educational projects.

Every autumn, ISMA organises the annual „Internship & Employment” conference where students and employers – some of them ISMA graduates – share their experiences.

Information about internship is availble in Moodle system logging by

ISMA Study Practice Regulations


Students Admission Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00

1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 6, room 206, Riga, LV-1019
+371 67114518

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